Vernier Science Education - June  2024

Professional Development Plan

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My Learning Plan allows you to create a personalized plan that outlines your professional learning experiences over a period of time, describing how you will support increased student learning through your increased teacher knowledge and skills. It allows you to voluntarily upload portfolio materials, such as samples of student work or augmented lesson plans, and generate written reflections that demonstrate and support your growth over time as you complete your professional learning plan.

Areas of Interest Defined
  • Content Knowledge

    Select this category if you plan to develop goals that address improving your understanding of content knowledge and concepts associated with a specific science content area (Earth/Space Science, Physical Science, Life Science). You may also want to consider goals associated with your understanding of the nature of science, inquiry, safety issues, and the role of science in the community.

  • Content Pedagogy

    This category of professional development goals might address improving your ability to design and implement instructional experiences using methods and strategies related to science instruction (i.e. inquiry-based learning, problem based learning, etc.). Goals associated with general teaching skills as well as curriculum concerns might also be included in this category.

  • Assessment/Evaluation Skills

    Select this category if you hope to improve your ability to design, implement, and analyze strategies to measure and evaluate learning. Goals in this category might also address strategies for self-evaluation and continuous improvement methodologies.

  • Technology Skills

    Professional development goals in this category might include improving your ability to integrate technology into your professional practice in innovative and effective ways.

  • Leadership Skills

    Goals in this category might include statements about your ability to improve and refine skills needed to effectively lead classes, teacher teams, parent workshops, special projects such as textbook adoption committees, or district science fairs or school clubs.

  • Management Skills

    Goals in this category might include statements about improving classroom management strategies, or personal management skills addressing time management, project management, or classroom organization skills.

  • Impact on Student Learning

    Goals in this category might address specific ways in which you plan to monitor student learning and determine the effects of instructional strategies, procedures, and other efforts to improve the amount and type of student learning.

  • Other

    Professional development goals in this category should reflect those statements that don’t easily fit into one of the predefined groups.

Search for resources or visit your library to add resources to your learning plan.

Completed a Module on Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated InstructionLearned about the design of UDL to break down barriers.
Understood the what, how and why's of learning
Explained through a collaborative document how to address needs specific to a student.

Target completion date: Sun Jul 10, 2022

To Understand the Do's and Don'ts while creating an IEP for Junior LearnerRead more about what is IEP on the Ontario Government document
Overview of the IEP process
Understand the components of the IEP Standards and Practices
Gain knowledge of what and what not to include on the student IEP profile
Assist parents to build a strong educational culture in their homes to build and support the child's learning.

Target completion date: Fri Aug 12, 2022

To Improve Classroom Management strategies addressing classroom organization skillsI plan on using Student Voice as a practical tool to get around barriers in learning. I will have students involved in tasks to get insights on a variety of matters. How else will we know what is in the students' best interest if we put up every decision without hearing their voices?

Target completion date: Wed Aug 31, 2022

To create and implement a consistent and effective of evaluation of student skills.1)Improve method of daily assessment (exit tickets, check for understanding, etc.
2) Create longer-form cumulative assessments that are differentiated by learner.

Target completion date: Thu Dec 15, 2022

  1. a) Use the NSTA library to find journal articles, lesson plans, and other resources to help on assessments. b) Create a more uniform and consistent scale for assessment. Upload Evidence File

  2. a) Create a cohesive and thorough unit plan that includes daily checks for understanding as well as summative and formative assessments. b) Research various differentiation techniques and employ them in the classroom, specifically for assessing knowledge. Upload Evidence File


Completed a course on Orientation to Teaching in Ontario Completed the Learning Modules from Queens University to understand the different teaching and assessment methods in Ontario.
Completed the final evaluation as a culmination of the Modules.

Completed Tue Jul 06, 2021

To Make a Class Profile online which conveys critical information about students at a glance.I plan to sit down with the previous teacher and make notes about their development
Collect information about students from the OSR and IEP if any
Review the class profile of the earlier grade and learn from it

Completed Sun Jul 31, 2022