Carolina Biological OSE - June 2024

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  • Portfolio Manager
    • My Technology Skills
      • (goal) - To Make a Class Profile online which conveys critical information abou
        • (evidence) - Evidence is the body of facts or inferences from valid data collection
        • Reflection
    • My Content Pedagogy
      • (goal) - Completed a course on Orientation to Teaching in Ontario
        • Reflection
    • My Management Skills
      • (goal) - To Improve Classroom Management strategies addressing classroom organi
        • Reflection
    • My Assessment/Evaluation Skills
      • (goal) - To create and implement a consistent and effective of evaluation of st
        • (evidence) - a) Use the NSTA library to find journal articles, lesson plans, and ot
        • (evidence) - a) Create a cohesive and thorough unit plan that includes daily checks
        • Reflection
      • (goal) - Completed a Module on Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated
        • Reflection
    • Impact on Student Learning
      • (goal) - To Understand the Do's and Don'ts while creating an IEP for Junior Lea
        • Reflection
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