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Awesome Insects (fishtanklearning)

Students learn about insects and their impact on the natural world by asking and answering questions about informational texts in order to become inquisitive, active readers.

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Bugging You

Bugging You: Examine the characteristics of an insect misconceptions

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Insect Keepers Journal Article
Interdependence of Life Interactive E-book
Invent and Insect Lesson Plan Activity

from the California Academy of Science

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Investigation—Insects! Creative extension activities can expand a learning kit module into a comprehensive study Journal Article
Leeds: Ecosystems

Leeds resource from canvas: link tot misconceptions studies/ articles

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Science 101: How do insects help the environment? Journal Article
Why are insects important?

Youtube video: Why are insects important? (1:37) by Royal Entomological Society

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Why Do They Visit the Flower? Lesson Plan