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3D Magnetic Fields: Making Meaningful Connections Book Chapter
5 E(z) Steps Back Into “Deep” Time: Visualizing the Geobiological Timescale Book Chapter
5 E(z) Steps to Earth-Moon Scaling: Measurements and Magnitudes Matter Book Chapter
5 E(z) Yet pHenomenal Steps to Demystifying Magic Color-Changing Markers Book Chapter
5E(z) Guidelines for Designing Research- Informed Science Lesson Sequences Book Chapter
A Terrible Test That Teaches: Curriculum-Embedded Assessment Book Chapter
Acronyms and Acrostics Articulate Attributes of Science (and Science Teaching) Book Chapter
Analogies: Powerful Teaching-Learning Tools Book Chapter
Batteries and Bulbs: Teaching is More Than Telling Book Chapter
Brain-Powered Lightbulb: Knowledge Transmission? Book Chapter
Burdock and Velcro: Mother Nature Knows Best Book Chapter
Burning a Candle at Both Ends: Classrooms as Complex Systems Book Chapter
Cartesian Diver: A Transparent but Deceptive "Black Box" Book Chapter
Cognitive Inertia: Seeking Conceptual Change Book Chapter
Comeback Cans: Potentially Energize “You CAN Do” Science Attitudes Book Chapter
Convection: Conceptual Change Teaching Book Chapter
Crystal Heat: Catalyzing Cognitive Construction Book Chapter
Diagnostic Assessment: Discrepant Event or Essential Educational Experiment? Book Chapter
Dual-Density Discrepancies: Ice Is Nice and Sugar Is Sweet Book Chapter
Eddy Currents: Learning Takes Time Book Chapter
Electric Generators: Connecting With Students Book Chapter
Electrical Circuits: Promoting Learning Communities Book Chapter
Finders Keepers Book Chapter
Floating and Sinking: Raising FUNdaMENTAL Questions Book Chapter
Follow That Star: National Science Education Standards and True North Book Chapter
Glue Mini-Monster: Wanted Dead or Alive? Book Chapter
Happy and Sad Bouncing Balls: Student Diversity Matters Book Chapter
Identification Detectives: Sounds and Smells of Science Book Chapter
Inferences, Inquiry, and Insight: Meaningful “Miss-takes” Book Chapter
Invisible Gases Matter: Knowledge Pours Poorly Book Chapter
Magic Bus of School Science: “Seeing” What Can’t Be Seen Book Chapter
Making Sense by Spending Dollars: An Enlightening STS Exploration of CFLs, or How Many Lightbulbs Does It Take to Change the World? Book Chapter
Measurements and Molecules Matter: Less Is More and Curriculum "Survival of the Fittest" Book Chapter
Mental Puzzles, Memory, and Mnemonics: Seeking Patterns Book Chapter
Möbius Strip: Connecting Teaching and Learning Book Chapter
Needle Through the Balloon: Skewering Misconceptions Book Chapter
Optical Illusions: Seeing and Cognitive Construction Book Chapter
Optics and Mirrors: Challenging Learners' Illusions Book Chapter
Osmosis and "Naked" Eggs: The Environment Matters Book Chapter
Perceptual Paradoxes: Multisensory Science and Measurement Book Chapter
Polarizing Filters: Examining Our Conceptual Filters Book Chapter
Pondering Puzzling Patterns and a Parable Poem Book Chapter
Pseudoscience in the News: Preposterous Propositions and Media Mayhem Matters Book Chapter
Rattlebacks: Prior Beliefs and Models for Eggciting Science Book Chapter
Reading Between the Lines of the Daily Newspaper: Molecular Magic Book Chapter
Science and Art: Dueling Disciplines or Dynamic Duo? Book Chapter
Scientific Reasoning: Inside, Outside, On, and Beyond the Box Book Chapter
Sound Tube Toys: The Importance of Varying Stimuli Book Chapter
Static Electricity: Charging Up Two-by-Four Teaching Book Chapter
Super-Absorbent Polymers: Minds-On Learning and Brain "Growth" Book Chapter
Talking Tapes: Beyond Hearing to Understanding Book Chapter
The Stroop Effect: The Persistent Power of Prior Knowledge Book Chapter
The Unnatural Nature and Uncommon Sense of Science: The Top 10 Crazy Ideas of Science and Challenges of Learning Science Book Chapter
Tornado in a Bottle: The Vortex of Teaching and Learning Book Chapter
Two-Balloon Balancing Act: Constructivist Teaching Book Chapter
Utensil Music: Teaching Sound Science Book Chapter
Water “Stick-to-It-Ness”: A Penny for Your Thoughts Book Chapter