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NSTA Daily Do: How do asteroids cross Earth's path? Collection


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Resources in “NSTA Daily Do: How do asteroids cross Earth's path?” Collection

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How do asteroids cross Earth's path? (Daily Do) Web Page
1 Chelyabinsk (Vimeo video) Web Page
2 Russian Meteor Caught on Camera (video) Web Page
3 Asteroids Anchor Phenomenon template (Google Slides)

Student groups assigned slides to share observations and questions. One set of Google slides needed per class.

Web Page
4 Asteroids (video)

Video clip from NSTA Engage: FALL 20 presentation on using the Google Slides Asteroids Anchor Phenomenon template with students.

Web Page
5 NSTA Teacher Tip: Google Slides (webpage) Web Page
6 NASA map shows 20-year global distribution of asteroid impacts Web Page
7 NASA Science: Solar System Exploration - Asteroids Web Page
8 Model Comparison template (Google Slides)

Make one copy for each SMALL GROUP of students (three or four students work together on the slide set).

Web Page
9 Most Mind-Blowing Video of 2013: Chelyabinsk Meteor (video) Web Page
10 Preparing for Cosmic Collisions (Science Scope) Web Page
11 The Why Files: Asteroids Web Page