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Dinosaur Detectives Journal Article
Give Them the Tools and They Will Explore Journal Article
Harnessing Solar Energy, Grade 4: STEM Road Map for Elementary School NSTA Press Book
How Can Maps Help Us?

4th grade Students learn about topographic maps and how to use them.

Lesson Plan
How Can Plants Break Rocks?

6-8 grade Students plot crack width data and plant growth over time and compare the data sets. Then they create a model to explain to how the plant caused the crack to widen over time.

Lesson Plan
How can we tell what season it is? Lesson Plan
How Can We Use Data to Predict the Length of a Shadow? Lesson Plan
How Do Asteroids Cross Earth's Path?

9-12 grade Students experience the Chelyabinsk meteor phenomenon and engage in modeling and use the thinking tools of cause-and-effect to try to explain how an asteroid from the asteroid belt becomes a meteor on Earth.

Lesson Plan
How Do Hooved, Herding Herbivores Help the Soil?

3-5 grade Students engage in science and engineering practices to produce data to help support (or refute) the claim that carefully managing the number and amount of time livestock allowed to graze in an area causes healthy ground cover to grow and flourish.

Lesson Plan
How Do Seeds Get Around? Lesson Plan
How Do We Find Patterns in Weather? Lesson Plan
Landslides Journal Article
Mesozoic Measurement Journal Article
More Picture-Perfect Science Lessons: Using Children’s Books to Guide Inquiry, K-4 NSTA Press Book
Picture-Perfect Science Lessons, Expanded 2nd Edition: Using Children's Books to Guide Inquiry, 3-6 Obsolete
Science Learning in the Early Years: Activities for PreK-2 NSTA Press Book
Solar Science: Exploring Sunspots, Seasons, Eclipses, and More NSTA Press Book
Sun Tracker Journal Article
Teaching Nature of Science Concepts in the Context of Past (Fram) and Present (MOSAiC) Arctic Expedi Journal Article
The Aurora Borealis Journal Article
Touch, Talk, Text Journal Article
When Can We See Different Objects in the Sky? Lesson Plan
Why Are There Fish in the Desert? Lesson Plan
Why Is My Shadow Always Changing? Lesson Plan
Why Is Our Sun So Big and Bright? Lesson Plan