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A collection or resources related to Community-based and Project-based Learning.

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A Study of the St. Lawrence River Ecological Habitat Journal Article
Community Based Science

An NSTA blog post from Mary Bigelow.

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Community-Based Inquiry Lessons Journal Article
Green Science: Investigating green—Creating surveys to answer questions Journal Article
History of PBL

An Edutopia article.

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Photovoice: A Community-Based Socioscientific Pedagogical Tool Journal Article
Science Sampler: Project Citizen—Students practice democratic principles while conducting community projects Journal Article

A great resource for citizen-science projects.

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Surf Your Watershed

An EPA site to learn more about your watershed.

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Trash Pie: Is Your School Serving? Journal Article
Tried and True: Disrupted food webs—Exploring the relationship between overfishing and dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay Journal Article
What is PBL?

BIE's brief description of what Project-based learning is all about.

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