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NSTA Daily Do: How does air make things move? Collection


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Resources in “NSTA Daily Do: How does air make things move?” Collection

Title Resource Type
1 How does air make things move? (Daily Do) Web Page
2 Leaves Blowing in the Wind (video) Web Page
3 Engaging students with the leaves phenomenon (video)

Watch how this presenter facilitates engaging participants with the wind blowing leaves phenomenon in this workshop excerpt. The facilitator uses (free digital tool) to help the particpants-as-student-learners identify patterns.

Web Page
4 Pushing Paint (video) Web Page
5 Using Daily Dos to Make Science Accessible to Our Youngest Learners Blog Post
6 Teaching Through Trade Books: Watching the Wind Journal Article
7 Formative Assessment Probes: Pushes and Pulls Journal Article
8 Teaching Through Trade Books: Kite Explorations Journal Article
9 Wind Solvers Journal Article