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This is a collection of resources related to the web seminar titled: Transforming Science Learning: Who Is the “Knower” in the Classroom? Learning as Sensemaking in a Globally Connected World. The web seminar took place April 1, 2020.

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Resources in “Web Seminar, April 1, 2020” Collection

Title Resource Type
Transforming Science Learning: Who is the Knower in the classsroom? (recording) Web Page
1 1._Three_Dimensions_of_NGSS_-_Handout.pdf PDF File
2 2._Language_Design_Principles.docx.pdf PDF File
3 5._Formative_Assessment_of_English_Language_Proficiency.pdf PDF File
4 Constructing and Revising Models in the Science Classroom

Engaging Students in Scientific Practices: What does constructing and revising models look like in the science classroom? This article appeared in all of the NSTA journals. It shares the intent/ideas about the practice Developing and Using Models and how to support students in this practice.

Web Page
5 Slides_Web_Seminar_Apr_1_2020.pdf PDF File
6 Series: KLEWS: Supporting Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning Web Page
7 Video the Importance of the Next Generation Science Standards Web Page
8 Teaching Channel Video: Energy and Matter Across Science Disciplines Web Page
9 English Learners in STEM Subjects

English Learners in STEM Subjects: Transforming Classrooms, Schools, and Lives (Download Free PDF)

Web Page
10 Helping Students Make Sense of the World Using Next Generation Science and Engineering Practices (Book Sample) Book Chapter