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NSTA Daily Do - How does a pandemic cause less CO2? Collection


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How does a pandemic cause less CO2?

Middle School

Resources in “NSTA Daily Do - How does a pandemic cause less CO2?” Collection

Title Resource Type
1 How does a pandemic cause less CO2? (Daily Do) Web Page
2 CO2_Earth's Ave Temp_Model Scaffold Web Page
3 NASA's Earth Minute: Gas Problem Web Page
4 Greenhouse Gas Web Page
5 How Carbon Dioxide Warms the Planet (video) Web Page
6 NASA Earth Observatory - Cloud Fraction Web Page
7 What is a carbon footprint? (video) Web Page
8 Teaching Climate With Models:

Solving the Problems of Energy, Carbon, and Climate

Web Page
9 Picture This: Taking Human Impact Seriously Web Page
10 How Low Can You Go?

Interdisciplinary Student-Impact Investigations for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

Web Page
11 Watch this video & find out how a BLT sandwich adds to Carbon dioxide emissions! Web Page
12 Meet Marielle Thillet: Environmental Engineer!! Web Page
13 Explore the EPA's Climate Change website

Explore the EPA's Climate Change website to find pictures, questions and answers, and videos

Web Page
14 Read more articles:

Air pollution falls as coronavirus slows travel, but scientists warn of longer-term threat to climate change progress

Web Page
15 Read more articles:

Airborne Nitrogen Dioxide Plummets Over China

Web Page
16 Satellite images show less pollution over the US as coronavirus shuts down Web Page
17 Empowering Sixth-Grade Students Through a Climate Change Lesson Journal Article
18 Integrating Technology: Lens on Climate Change: Using Place-Based Learning to Explore Climate Change Effects Journal Article