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This collection provides a variety of resources to use when teaching students about climate change. This collection includes the NSTA press book and chapters from Understanding Climate Change, Grades 7-12, which outlines a series of lessons to instruct students on this topic. There are also several articles that single lessons to teach students about this topic. One article describes several practices that should be used when teaching about climate change. Lastly, Oceans Effect on Weather and Climate science object is a great resource for teachers to use to refresh their knowledge on climate change and the different contributors to climate change.

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Resources in “Climate Change” Collection

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Climate Change Challenges Book Chapter
Climate Change Conference Book Chapter
Climate Change Solutions Book Chapter
Empowering Sixth-Grade Students Through a Climate Change Lesson

This article describes a lesson that can be done with sixth-graders to introduce them and encourage discussion about climate change. Students explore reasonable and effective ways they can impact the issue. The main focus is on how the students can reduce their carbon footprint. This lesson was implemented in a school made up of primarily ELL students, so it contains the appropriate supports for this group of students.

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Is Climate Changing Where We Live?

This article presents a lesson framework that gets students thinking about and analyzing local climate data. This lesson encourages students to use CER in their investigation of climate change and coincides with several Next Generation Science Standards.

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Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate: Changing Climate Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
Sound Practices in Climate Change Education

This article, published in Science Scope (2019), describes the best ways to teach climate change. The three focus areas of this article are: connecting students with local climate change impacts, encouraging students to collect, analyze, and draw conclusions from their own data, and fostering relationships between climate scientists, teachers, and students. The article also includes a real-life classroom example of the use of these practices.

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The Carbon Cycle and Climate Change

This article, published by the Science Teacher (2019), provides a lesson framework to teach students the Carbon Cycle. Understanding the Carbon Cycle is important as students begin to think about the human impact on climate. This lesson uses collaborative, inquiry-based techniques and coincides with Next Generation Science Standards.

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Understanding Climate Change, Grades 7–12 NSTA Press Book
What Have You Heard About Climate Change? Book Chapter