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1 Earth, Sun, and Moon: Motion of the Moon Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
2 Earth's Changing Surface: Changing Earth From Within Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
3 Editor's Note: Earth's Place in the Universe—Understanding Develops Over Time Journal Article
4 Natural Resources: Seasons Change Journal Article
5 NGSS Storyline- Why Do Some Things Wash up on the Beach and Others Don’t?

This fourth-grade unit on wave properties and ocean floor structures starts out with students exploring a perplexing phenomenon where hundreds of unopened bags of snack chips were found on a beach.

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6 NSTA Enhanced E-book: Earth, Sun, and Moon Web Page
7 Misconceptions from another source

Common elementary student science misconceptions

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8 Leeds- misconceptions

The student's misconceptions about Force.

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9 Lab Out Loud Podcast

Hosted by two science teachers, Lab Out Loud is a podcast about science teaching in the classroom and beyond. Lab Out Loud seeks to explore science education through discussions with educators, researchers, leading scientists, science writers and other guests who are committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.

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10 Force and Motion Interactive E-book
11 Lesson Plan- How Does Your Garden Grow?

Students plant seeds in water gel crystals to enhance their ability to observe the growth of roots, stems, and leaves over several days. Students also explore how plants grow in a hydroponic system.

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