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Collecting middle school lessons and content knowledge.Everything from life cycles, hydroponics, and aliens!

Middle School

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A New Way of Looking at the World Journal Article
Astrobiology: Explorations in Earth and Life Science Journal Article
Citizen Science: Where the Wildlife Are Journal Article
Conservation of Matter in the Life Sciences Journal Article
Editor’s Roundtable: Life in balance Journal Article
Everyday Engineering: Ain’t she sweet—Bats, rackets, golf clubs, and all Journal Article
External Resource: Waste Limitation Management and Recycling Design Challenge External Resource
Green Science: Revisiting Recycling Journal Article
Issues In-depth: The ins and outs of curbside recycling Journal Article
Life Cycle of a Pencil Journal Article
Life With Limited Resources: Using Aquatic Plants to Study Resource Consumption Journal Article
Materials Repurposed: Find a Wealth of Free Resources at Your Local Recycling Center Book Chapter
Myths, Misconceptions, and Misunderstanding: Alien Contact: Proof positive or a case of let's play pretend? Journal Article
Pond Life Magnified Journal Article
Recycling into Art Journal Article
Recycling the Paper Trail Journal Article
Rocks and Soils Book Chapter
Science 101: What and how do insects see? Journal Article
Science and History Come Alive in the Cemetary Journal Article
Science Sampler: Bees in the news—Connecting classroom science to real-life issues Journal Article
Science Sampler: Designed by Nature—Exploring linear and circular life cycles Journal Article
Science Sampler: Fix the potholes! Helping students translate their interests and life experiences into scientific investigations Journal Article
Science Sampler: Fossil patterns in time Journal Article
Science Sampler: Piñatas, episodic events, and real-life applications Journal Article
Science Sampler: Recycling aluminum cans in the lab—Two inexpensive inquiry activities Journal Article
Scope on Safety: Culturing Safety in Life Science Journal Article
The Next Generation Science Standards and the Life Sciences Journal Article
Tried and True: Inquiry-based environmental science investigations with the fantastic fruit fly Journal Article
Using a STEM-Based Approach to Make Recycling Metallic Elements Relevant Journal Article
What’s in Your School Yard? Using Citizen Science Wildlife Cameras to Conduct Authentic Scientific Investigations Journal Article
WISEngineering Hydroponics: A Technology-Enhanced, Life Science Engineering Design Unit Journal Article