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Bridget's Lesson Plan Collection: Astronomy (Brightness Affected by Distance) Collection


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Astronomy Earth & Space Science Elementary

Resources in “Bridget's Lesson Plan Collection: Astronomy (Brightness Affected by Distance)”

Title Resource Type
1 Why Is Our Sun So Big and Bright? Lesson Plan
2 Earth, Sun, and Moon Interactive E-book
2 Solar System Interactive E-book
3 Journal Article- Misconceptions about Astronomy.pdf PDF File
3 Q: What are some astronomical concepts that we can teach using a globe or model of the Earth? Journal Article
4 Children's Misconceptions about Science- Astronomy.pdf PDF File
4 Leeds-Earth in Space Misconceptions.pdf PDF File
5 How Big? How Far? Lesson Plan Web Page
5 Scale Model of Sun and Earth

In this activity students explore the relative size of the sun and Earth as well as the distance between them at that relative size. This activity serves as a first step to building understanding of distances in space.

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5 How Do Asteroids Cross Earth's Path? Lesson Plan
6 Blick Podcast: Space and Troop Zero Web Page
7 Distance, Brightness, and Size of Planets Interactive Model Web Page