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4000 Years of Women in Science

4,000 years of women in science, in technology and other altogether creative stuff! Did you know that? Science is a traditional role for women. Dr. Deborah Crocker at the University of Alabama and Dr. Sethanne Howard retired from the US Naval Observatory maintain this site. They are both astronomers. They dedicate this site to all those wonderful women of our past.

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Biographies of Women in Science

This site included many contemporary women in science

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Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Welcome to the web site for biographies of women in mathematics. These pages are part of an on-going project at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia, to illustrate the numerous achievements of women in the field of mathematics. Here you can find biographical essays or comments on the women mathematicians profiled on this site, as well as additional resources about women in mathematics. Each time this page is reloaded, a randomly selected photo is displayed to the left (if Javascript is enable

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Distinguished Women

Welcome! This site has biographies of women who contributed to our culture in many different ways. There are writers, educators, scientists, heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers, and others. Some were alive hundreds of years ago and some are living today. We've heard of some of them, while many more have been ignored by history book writers. I'd like to acknowledge as many as I can.

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Secret Lives of Scientists and Engineers

Welcome to “Secret Life,” NOVA’s Emmy-nominated web series. Watch videos and get to know dozens of scientists and engineers with surprising secret lives. We’ve already done 32 profiles and we’ll be doing many more in the seasons to come.

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Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering

An extensive list of websites with biographical information on women and minorities in science and engineering

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Women in Astronomy

This guide is not meant to be a comprehensive or scholarly introduction to the complex topic of the role of women in astronomy, but simply a resource for those educators and students who wish to explore the challenges and triumphs of women of the past and present. It's also an opportunity to get to know some of the key women who have overcome prejudice and exclusion to make significant contributions to our field. To be included among the representative women for whom we list individual resources

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Women in Science

PDF downloadable file profiling 16 women who made significant scientific contributions

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