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I put these together from my history with and interest in helping elementary girls stay interested in the STEM fields. I hope that others will find them useful.

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Free_software_and_links_for_girls_and_STEM.pdf PDF File
GEMS Club--helping girls to explore STEM

A comprehensive web site for adults looking to help girls access and enjoy STEM

Web Page

Toolkit for creating and managing a STEM club for girls

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An article about how gender and ethnicity may drive career choices

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My action research on the effects of the GEMS club.

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This guide to the video Tech Savvy Girls shows you how to lead a discussion about how to encourage girls in STEM. It accompanies the video Tech Savvy Girs which we produced with the help of the Fairfax Network. This video is available from the Fairfax Network

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An excellent report from AAUW on why so few gilrs go into or stay in the STEM fields, and resources on changing this trend.

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