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Robotics is a great way to introduce engineering processes and have fun. This collection contains information to help teachers create robotics programs.

Middle School

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Resources in “Robotics: Middle” Collection

Title Resource Type
Archive: Algebraic Equations: Calculator Controlled Robots, January 30, 2012 Web Seminar Archive
Building Bots to Develop Systems Thinking Journal Article
Electric and Magnetic Forces Interactive E-book
Electric and Magnetic Forces: Electrostatics and Current Electricity Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
External Resource: A Flock of Robots, LabTV Video External Resource
External Resource: Computer Vision, LabTV Video External Resource
External Resource: Lego Champs, LabTV Video External Resource
External Resource: Save the Bay: Robotics Challenge, LabTV Video External Resource
NASA Robotics Webite

This is a link to the NASA Robotics website. The website includes links to lesson plans, multimedia/pictures, career information, and web links related to robotics.

Web Page
Scope on the Skies: Rocks, robots, and ices Journal Article