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Welcome to Educational Web Labs, an interactive site for education in science. This site was designed to give the student an opportunity to manipulate laboratory equipment, gather data and process that data following standard mathematical and observational techniques. The labs follow procedures found in most school experiments and include the opportunity to make mistakes and observe the results. These labs can be used as stand alone labs, as pre-labs for a classroom assignment or as a setting to

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eThemes Acids and Bases

These sites focus on acids and bases. Learn the difference between acids and bases and their chemical reactions. There are activities and experiments that help students to learn how to use pH scale and to classify materials as acids, bases, or neutral. There are virtual experiments, interactive games, experimental ideas, animated movies, and quizzes. Includes a link to eThemes Resources on mixtures and solutions. These resources are appropriate elementary and middle school.

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Java Applets on Physics

A wonderful assortment of Applets for Physics

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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM) is an NSF supported project that began in 1999 to develop a library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets, for mathematics instruction (K-12 emphasis). The project includes dissemination and extensive internal and external evaluation.

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Royal Society of Chemistry Learn Chemistry

A website designed to support chemistry teachers and students worldwide. This site's resources include videos, simulations and interactive games. The resources have been tagged in terms of their chemistry content and their relevance to global issues and challenges. There is a blog where teachers can discuss curriculum and share thoughts on teaching.

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Virtual Courseware Project

The Virtual Courseware Project produces interactive, online simulations for the life science laboratory or for earth science field studies. The activities are designed to enhance an existing curriculum and include online assessments. They can be used by students ranging from middle school, high school, or college classrooms. Click on a project on the right to access the entry point for this fun, exciting, and engaging suite of activities. Pop-up blockers must be disabled to view the activiti

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Virtual Nanoscience Lab

"Under NSF sponsorship, this class was developed to introduce early undergraduates to nanoscience and nanotechnology: The theme “In nanoscience, Newton’s sensible laws are replaced by the weirdness of quantum mechanics. The consequences” First, electrons begin to act like waves - but because all waves are similar, experiments with light and water waves offer insights into electron behavior. Second, at the nanoscale one can no longer use light-based image microfabrication to make things dire

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Virtual Physics Laboratory

More Java Applets for Physics

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Virtual SEM

These pages use JavaScript to create the illusion of controlling a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). You must be using Netscape 3.0 or higher and JavaScript must be enabled. Here are the instructions for using the microscope:

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Virtual SEM 2 Web Page