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Resources that address the question, "What is a plant?" Collection


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This is a collection on the topic of plants. It includes various resources, such as lesson plans that teachers can implement as well as a study that helps teachers know how to address misconceptions students may have about plants.


Resources in “Resources that address the question, "What is a plant?"” Collection

Title Resource Type
1 Cycling Through Plants Journal Article
2 Engineering Encounters: What’s The Buzz on Bees? Journal Article
3 Planting Deeper Journal Article
4 Plants on the Move Journal Article
5 Students' Ideas About Plants: Results from a National Study Journal Article
6 Teaching Through Trade Books: Pondering Plants Journal Article
7 Let's Plant: A Unit About Plant Anatomy, Growth, and Care

This is a resource that includes lesson plans on the topic of plants that addresses concepts, such as plant growth and anatomy. In addition, there are also suggested books that teachers can implement in their lessons.

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8 Science and Plants for Schools

This resource provides various primary and secondary grade resources that teachers can use for their classroom. Some of these resources include lesson plans with worksheets that focus on topics, such as growing plants, seeds and seed dispersal, and needs of plants. There are also links to articles and journals that feature various concepts about plants.

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