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A Light Challenge Journal Article
How Can Light Make Dark Shadows and Bright Reflections? Lesson Plan
How Can We Make a Room As Dark As Possible? Lesson Plan
Luminous Lighting Journal Article
Nature of Light Interactive E-book
Next Time You See a Sunset

“Next time you see a sunset, stop and sit down for a while.” This book's opening line invites students to observe a daily phenomenon. Next Time You See a Sunset, a nonfiction, picture book, written by Emily Morgan, describes the everyday phenomenon of sunsets and sunrises. The last page of the book includes an Activities to Encourage a Sense of Wonder section as well as a website ...

NGSS@NSTA Vetted Resource Web Page
Project Light Web Page
Sources of Light Web Page
When The Sun Goes Dark NSTA Kids
Why Is Our Sun So Big and Bright? Lesson Plan