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This collection is composed of 12 resources that cumulatively provide a strong foundation for making middle school science relevant to students lives in an equitable manner. These resources include Daily Do's regarding COVID and vaccines which can be discussed from various stakeholder's perspectives and science-packs to aid the educator with appropriate and sufficient background knowledge prior to teaching the topic.

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Resources in “EDUC404: Final Project Collection”

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Coral Reef Ecosystems: Ecosystems in Crisis Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
Decline in Saltwater Fish Populations (Ecology and Human Impact on the Environment) Book Chapter
Earth's Changing Surface: Humans as Agents of Change Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
Genetic Engineering & Genetically Modified Organisms: Forming Informed Opinions

This lesson will introduce students to selective breeding and the biotechnology of genetic engineering, specifically, genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The goal of the lesson is to raise the awareness of bias and the importance of informed, defendable opinions regarding controversial science topics. The lesson builds upon lessons on DNA, genes, and inheritance. Students should understand tha ...

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How Can Vaccinating One Population Affect Another?

Can use this when talking about controversial science topics from various stakeholders perspectives and apply it to the coming COVID-19 vaccine so it is relevant to students' lives.

Lesson Plan
How can we make informed decisions to keep ourselves and our communities safe during the COVID-19 pa

Another Daily Do that can engage the students in discussing relevant experiences and the scientific knowledge behind it.

Lesson Plan
How Does a Pandemic Cause Less CO2?

Relevant to students lives (COVID Pandemic) and how it affects the world we live in. Citizen science and creates intrinsic motivation

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How to Have a Successful Science and Ethics Discussion Journal Article
Human Impact on Water Quality: Conducting Inquiry Activities With Cyber Databases and ICTs Journal Article
Making Everyday Phenomena Phenomenal Journal Article
Resources and Human Impact Interactive E-book
Resources and Human Impact Interactive E-book
Science in Socio-Scientific Issues Journal Article
Social Justice in the Science Classroom Journal Article
Using Scientific Argumentation to Understand Human Impact on the Earth Journal Article
Where Do 'New' Diseases Come From? Lesson Plan
Why Did COVID-19 Cause Environmental Changes? Lesson Plan
Why Do We All Have to Stay Home?

Use this Daily Do to connect science and the current world around us to help students explore phenomena relevant to their current lives.

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