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Title Resource Type
1 The power of phenomenon based learning Blog Post
2 Discovering Ways to Shift Lessons Along the Sensemaking Continuum Blog Post
3 Successful Sensemaking and Data Exploration at a Distance Blog Post
4 Directed inquiry and three-dimensional learning Journal Article
5 Integrating the Five Practices and Model-Based Inquiry to Facilitate Meaningful Science Discourse Journal Article
6 Not Your Average Parachute Journal Article
7 Why Did the Reaction Happen So Fast? Lesson Plan
8 Making It Bounce Journal Article
9 Some of You Are Smiling Now Journal Article
10 Archive: How do I Select Phenomena to Motivate Student Sense Making?, March 15, 2017 Web Seminar Archive
11 The Wonder of Science

The Wonder of Science was created to support the next generation of science teachers. The website aggregates resources developed by Paul Andersen and other science teachers implementing the Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS). All of the resources are licensed under Creative Commons licensing.

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