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This collection of resources provides a view of the free articles available in journals and books that teachers could incorporate into the design and implementationof a project or project-based course focusing on robotics. These articles are great motivators for STEM initiatives.

Middle School High School

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Resources in “Robotic Collection for Middle and High School”

Title Resource Type
Archive: Robotics Engineering: Big Toys, Big Fun, November 29, 2007 Web Seminar Archive
Center of Mass 1 Book Chapter
Editor’s Corner: Create and Innovate! Journal Article
Motivating Students With Robotics Journal Article
Podcast: Robotics Engineering: Big Toys, Big Fun: Video of Rover Airbag Podcast
Real World Robotics Journal Article
Robotics on Water Journal Article
Science Sampler: Engineering in the classroom Journal Article
Science Sampler: Girls, robots, and science education Journal Article
The Scoop on Moon Dirt (Integrate this: Robotics and Env. Sci.)

In this two-part, 75-minute activity, children ages 8 to 11 compare how soil forms on Earth and the Moon. They examine different soil samples and compare them to lunar "soil" simulant. They explore how water, wind, and impactors help to make soil.

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