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A Laboratory of Words Journal Article
A Menu of Options Journal Article
Activities Linking Science With Math, K-4 (PDF e-book) e-book (PDF)
Archive: Preparing for NGSS: Engaging in Argument from Evidence, December 4, 2012 Web Seminar Archive
Archive: Preparing for NGSS: Asking Questions and Defining Problems, September 11, 2012 Web Seminar Archive
Archive: Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards, January 15, 2013 Web Seminar Archive
Archive: NSTA Symposium: Picture-Perfect Science Lessons: Using Children's Books to Guide Inquiry, Grades K-4, Cincinnati, Ohio: December 5, 2008 Symposia Archive
Art and Science Grow Together Journal Article
Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning Journal Article
Dramatic Science Journal Article
Editor’s Note: A Foolproof Tool Journal Article
Engaging Students in Scientific Practices: What Does Constructing and Revising Models Look Like in the Science Classroom? Journal Article
Five Good Reasons to Use Science Notebooks Journal Article
Graphically Enhanced Science Notebooks Journal Article
Guest Editorial: Making Meaning With Notebooks Journal Article
Interactive Reflective Logs Journal Article
Math: Stop Faking It! Finally Understanding Science So You Can Teach It (PDF e-Book) e-book (PDF)
Methods and Strategies: Developing Persuasive Voice in the Science Classroom Journal Article
Natural Cycles: Coming Full Circle—Using natural cycles to teach elementary science objectives Journal Article
Project Notebook Journal Article
Science 101: What writing represents what scientists actually do? Journal Article
Science Notebook Essentials Journal Article
Science Sampler: Science interactive notebooks in the classroom Journal Article
Student-Centered Notebooks Journal Article
Teacher's Toolkit: Reforming cookbook labs Journal Article
Teaching Through Trade Books: Celestial Studies Journal Article
Teaching Through Trade Books: Crazy for Loco Beans Journal Article
Whiteboarding Your Way to Great Student Discussions Journal Article