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Angular Diameters Book Chapter
Astronomical Scale of Stellar Distances Using 3-D Models Journal Article
Bringing Moon Phases Down to Earth Journal Article
Editor's Roundtable: Adding some STEAM to Astronomy Journal Article
External Resource: Chandra X-ray Astronomy External Resource
External Resource: Space Based Astronomy: An educator guide with activities for science, mathematics, and technology External Resource
External Resource: What is Your Cosmic Connection to the Elements? External Resource
Hubble Space Telescope Book Chapter
Idea Bank: Astronomy for Students With Sensory Impairments Journal Article
Inquiring Astronomy: Incorporating Student-Centered Pedagogical Techniques in an Introductory College Science Course Journal Article
Invite an Alien to Astronomy Night Journal Article
National Astronomy Day: Bringing the Universe to Your Students Journal Article
Natural Resources: Stargazing Journal Article
Podcast: Discover the Universe - From Galileo to Today: International Year of Astronomy Podcast
Research and Teaching: Conceptual Change in Introductory-Level Astronomy Courses Journal Article
Scope on the Skies: Engaging Students in Independent Astronomy Research Projects Journal Article
Scope on the Skies: Return to Sender (part 1) Journal Article
Sidewalk Astronomy: Students and teachers take astronomy to the street Journal Article
Solar Science: Exploring Sunspots, Seasons, Eclipses, and More NSTA Press Book
Students Teaching Students: Launching interest in astronomy Journal Article
The Quiet Skies Project Journal Article
Touching the Stars: Making Astronomy Accessible for Students With Visual Impairments Journal Article
Uncovering Student Ideas in Astronomy: 45 New Formative Assessment Probes NSTA Press Book