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o 3-ESS2-1: Represent data in tables and graphical displays to describe typical weather conditions expected during a particular season.


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Climate for kids Web Page
Cycling Water Through the Environment

In this lesson, students explore the water cycle and investigate the different forms that water can take in the environment.

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Deciphering Weather Maps

Deciphering Weather Maps Lesson plan

Web Page
Kids in Motion | Weather Fitness Lesson Plan

Kids in Motion | Weather Fitness Lesson Plan

Web Page
On Observing the Weather Journal Article
Planning for engagement with important science ideas

anchoring events, phenomenon, casual story(explanatory model), big ideas, and ow they can relate to other phenomenon- what is a good lesson/good teaching

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Science Shorts: Weather Watchers Journal Article
Season On Earth

Using this Lesson Plan, students study satellite data and explore an example of long-term climate change to learn about the seasons, changes in climate, and the role of Earth’s tilted axis.

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Small-Scale Weather Book Chapter
The Early Years: About the Weather Journal Article
The Early Years: The Wonders of Weather Journal Article
Weather Detectives: Searching for Cool Clues Journal Article
Weather Watchers Book Chapter
Weather’s Central Actor: Water Book Chapter
Web Projects: Weather, Mapping, and Graphing

Watch a 1st-grade teacher using the Internet as a place for her students to gather data for a lesson about weather. Observe how the teacher fosters critical thinking and cooperative learning skills.

Web Page
What is weather? Lesson plan

lesson plan

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