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SPICE Core: Investigating Past Climate at the South Pole Collection


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Collection of resources presented during this webinar on historical climatic conditions in the South Pole

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Resources in “SPICE Core: Investigating Past Climate at the South Pole” Collection

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Activity Guide: Polar Science and Engineering Web Page
Archive: Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards, January 15, 2013 Web Seminar Archive
Asking Questions and Defining Problems video Web Page
Climate Change From Pole to Pole: Biology Investigations (e-Book)

Climate Change From Pole to Pole: Biology Investigations offers timely, relevant, biology-based case studies and background information on how to teach the science of climate change.

Web Page
Climate Expeditions

Our goal is to provide cutting-edge information based on current ice core research for educators, students and the public in a way that contributes to your classroom or informal science program efforts, and that provides data that is useful to decision-makers of all backgrounds.

Web Page
External Resource: March of the Polar Bears: Global Change, Sea Ice, and Wildlife Migration External Resource
Generating Arguments About Climate Change Journal Article
Ice Core Processing-- Discovering Earths Climate History Web Page
Modeling Earth's Climate Journal Article
Polar Science and Engineering: Drilling Back Through Time Web Page

Web Seminar Presentation

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U.S. Ice Drilling Program Web Page
U.S. Ice Drilling Program Videos Web Page