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My resource collection was based around my science CAT. It includes content based resources as well as teaching tips, etc. Archive: NGSS Core Ideas: Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics, February 11, 2014 : I choose this resource because it is current. This webinar was just done in February. It is also aligned to the common core and will help with my CAT. -Flow of Matter and Energy in Ecosystems:This will not only help me brush up on the content I need to know in order to teach this to my students but I can also complete this scipack for the professional development assignment. Flow of Matter and Energy in Ecosystems: Does Matter Matter?:Like the scipack, this object will help me gain fundamental knowledge of the topic I will be teaching my students in the CAT. Implementation of the Framework Using the Topic “The Flow of Matter and Energy in Ecosystems”: Although my science CAT won't be exactly the same because this isn't exactly aligned with the NGSS standards it will give