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Not an Unfeasible "Extra" Journal Article
14 Writing Strategies Book Chapter
5E(z) Guidelines for Designing Research- Informed Science Lesson Sequences Book Chapter
Acceleration Book Chapter
Action Research Journal Article
Active Evolution Instruction Book Chapter
After the Bell: Developing Sun Sense—Learning about protection from the Sun’s rays Journal Article
Air Mass Matters: Creating a Need-to-Know Book Chapter
Assessing for Achievement Journal Article
Birds, Bugs, and Butterflies: Science Lessons for Your Outdoor Classroom Book Chapter
Can It Reflect Light? Book Chapter
Collaborating for Communication Journal Article
Connecting Students to STEM Careers Journal Article
Cost or Quality? Journal Article
Craftsman/NSTA Young Inventors Awards Program—Students of Invention Journal Article
Curiosity + Kindergarten = Future Scientists Journal Article
Designing Assessments Journal Article
Designing Scientific Tests and Investigations Book Chapter
Digging Into Rocks With Young Children Journal Article
Earth and Space Science Book Chapter
Editor's Note (March 2003) Journal Article
Engaging Students in Scientific Practices: What Does Constructing and Revising Models Look Like in the Science Classroom? Journal Article
Formative Assessment Probes: “More A – More B” Rule Journal Article
Fractions and More Rules Book Chapter
From NGSS to Classroom Instruction Book Chapter
Getting a Jump on the Science Fair Obsolete
Guest Editorial: Computers in the Year 2000 Journal Article
How Can Playing With a Motion Detector Help Children Learn to Write Clear Sequential Directions? Book Chapter
Imaginative Inventions Book Chapter
Improving Learning in Science With Formative Assessment Book Chapter
Indoor-Outdoor Science Journal Article
Inquiry Into the Heart of a Comet Book Chapter
Internet Basics for the Science Classroom Book Chapter
Introduction: The Environmental Context Book Chapter
Investigating Island Evolution: A Galapagos-based lesson using the 5E instructional model Journal Article
It's No Problem to Invent a Solution Journal Article
Leaders, Readers, and Science Book Chapter
Learning the Ropes With Electricity Journal Article
Light—The Early Years Book Chapter
Linking Science, Technology, and Society by Examining the Impact of Nanotechnology on a Local Community Book Chapter
Pennies Book Chapter
Start Young! Book Chapter
Using Rubrics to Foster Meaningful Learning Book Chapter
Where in the World? Obsolete