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Collection of resources to pull from for my EDUC341 lesson plan

Environmental Science Elementary

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Title Resource Type
1 Teaching through Trade Books: The Dirt on Soil Journal Article
2 The Dirt on Soil Book Chapter
3 Inclusion of Native Culture During Science Instruction Journal Article
4 Soil: Can you dig it???

An episode of the podcast Brains On! Science Podcast for Kids about soil

Web Page
5 Common Geology Misconceptions Web Page
6 Secrets of Seeds Lesson Plan
7 Leeds Student Pre-Conceptions about the Ecosystem Web Page
8 Storyline: Why is Our Corn Changing? Web Page
9 Earth Science Erosion Unit - Day 4 Lesson Plan
10 Flow of Matter and Energy in Ecosystems Interactive E-book
11 Daily Do: Where did the Plant Come From? Web Page