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Cognitive Movie List

The Cognitive Science Movie Index (henceforth CSMI) is a broad list of movies that showcase various themes in the Cognitive Sciences, compiled for entertainment and reference purposes. Additionally, in such an esoteric field as Cognitive Science, some may find it useful to use movies to help describe our interests to those who aren't cognitive scientists, or as an educational aid within our field.

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Flick Clip

So what is flickclip all about? Science in movies: Flickclip is for science teachers wanting to show science in movies. I'm Flick and I will be your guide to show you how Hollywood uses Science in Movies. I will show you ways to bring popular movies into the science classroom. Hop right in and help your students dive into the world of science in movies with these clips and teaching suggestions! Don't forget to bookmark this site and visit me again soon!

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Movie Sheets

Movie Sheets contains one of the largest databases of classroom movie worksheets on the net. These worksheets are based on films that teachers have viewed then subsequently created film guides for. These film sheets have been tested within the classroom. Showing videos and the occasional Hollywood film in the classroom is an innovative way to demonstrate concepts and expose common misconceptions while providing a thought provoking change of pace for students. These film worksheets are NOT meant

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Science Channel

Science Channel invites you on a geektastic journey to the cinematic intersection of art and science in the all-new "Science of the Movies."

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Science in the Movies

Science in the Movies is a live performance revealing the exciting ways science is used to create movie stunts and special effects. During a thrilling one hour assembly, Steve Wolf's team performs six stunts and effects that teach over 100 essential science and safety concepts.

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TeachingChemistryUsingTheMovieApollio13.pdf PDF File
The 5 Best and Worst Science Based Movies of All Time

Picking the best and worst of anything will get you a lot of grief. So we applaud Sidney Perkowitz, an Emory University physics professor, for his courage in choosing the best and worst science-based movies of all time. Of course, we are outraged he didn’t include all our favorites among his top five. How could he leave out the wonderful Alec Guinness film The Man in the White Suit (about a chemist who invents a fabric that never gets dirty, never needs ironing, never wears out—and nearly causes

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