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Resources to expand/ modify the NASA/IDEA Resources Selected by FCPS lessons.

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In this activity, learners/students use given amounts of clay to create models of the solar system. Learners/students use clay to represent different planets and other objects in the solar system (asteroids, moons, etc.). The learners/students can use as much or as little of the clay their group is provided. They may use their books or previous knowledge to try to make an accurate size and scale model for the solar system. At the end of the activity, the point is made that 99% of the mass of the


This file was originally created in smart notebook, and can be imported into a notebook file. It includes a 1cm grid for mapping the solar system, and a page for a local map. (Replace my local map with yours)

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Smart Notebook file for Mapping the Solar System lesson (converted to jpg for upload on NSTA)

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Smart Notebook file for Mapping the solar sytem - key (converted to jpg for upload on NSTA Learning Center)

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NASA Quest Journal Article
NASA solar system on a map lesson plan

Outline for re-creating the solar system on a local map. Use for NSTA NASA/IDEA project.

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Solar System Switch-a-roo

This game allows students to appreciate visually that the planets and moons of our solar system come in a wondrous variety of colors and textures. Some appear white, smooth, and calm; others are splotchy with color and dotted with craters and volcanoes. This game-like activity encourages students to discovery the variation among the planets. Topics: Planetary Science

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Solar System: The Earth in Space Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books