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Biodiversity teaching resources and content background for K-12 educators.

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Resources in “Biodiversity” Collection

Title Resource Type
A Diverse Summer Reading List Journal Article
A New Way of Looking at the World Journal Article
Backyard Biodiversity Journal Article
Banking on the Future Journal Article
Birds Across Borders Journal Article
Books, Biodiversity, and Beyond! Journal Article
Career of the Month: An interview with Aquatic Conservation Biologist Zeb Hogan Journal Article
Career of the Month: An Interview With Herpetologist Robert Drewes Journal Article
Citizen Scientists Journal Article
Coral Reef Ecosystems: Ecosystems in Crisis Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
Coral Reef Ecosystems: The Living Reef Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
Discovering Diversity Journal Article
Exploring Biodiversity's Big Ideas in Your School Yard Journal Article
Food-System Botany Journal Article
Guest Editorial: Biodiversity and the Future of Food Journal Article
Issues In-depth: Inside the rainforests of the sea—Coral reefs and their endangerment Journal Article
Nature in the City: Outdoor projects for urban schools Journal Article
Our Watery World: Teaching Middle School Students About Biodiversity Journal Article
Reflections on Earth—Remote-Sensing Research from Your Classroom Journal Article
Science Pipes: A World of Data at Your Fingertips Journal Article
Science Sampler: Leaf litter—An urban schoolyard investigation Journal Article
Science Sampler: The biological budget Journal Article
Science Sampler: Wanted—Citizen Scientists Journal Article
The Galapagos Journal Article
The Human Impact on Biodiversity: A Case Study With Corn Journal Article
Tried and True: Investigating ecosystems in a biobottle Journal Article
Tried and True: Simulating Biodiversity: The Effects of Human and Environmental Factors Journal Article