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These will be used with my Oceanography students for a unit on climate change. They will also be shared with others who are looking for resources to teach about climate change.

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Resources in “Climate Change” Collection

Title Resource Type
A Cooperative Classroom Investigation of Climate Change Journal Article
A Record of Climate Change Journal Article
Archive: Impact of Polar Climate Change on Living Systems, June 14, 2007 Web Seminar Archive
Archive: NIEHS/NOAA/USFS/NSTA Symposium: Teaching about Climate Change: Here and Now, March 29, 2012 Symposia Archive
Archive: NOAA/NSTA Symposium: The Heat is On!: Climate Change and Coral Reef Ecosystems, New Orleans, Louisiana: March 21, 2009 Symposia Archive
Case Study: Ah-choo! Increased Risk of Pollen Allergies in the Northern Hemisphere Journal Article
Climate Physics Journal Article
Demystifying Data Journal Article
Fall Colors, Temperature, and Day Length Journal Article
Generating Arguments About Climate Change Journal Article
How Do We Know What the Climate Was Like in the Past? Book Chapter
Ice Core Investigations Journal Article
Idea Bank: Climate Change Inquiries Journal Article
Idea Bank: Warming to Global Warming—Sunspots and Sea-Surface Temperature Journal Article
Now You “Sea” Ice, Now You Don’t Book Chapter
Ocean's Effect on Climate and Weather: Global Circulation Patterns Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate: Changing Climate Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
Reconstructing Environmental Change Using Lake Varves as a Climate Proxy Journal Article
Schoolyard Microclimate Journal Article
Science Sampler: Global Warming Project Journal Article
The Green Room: The Latest on Climate Change Journal Article
The Sound of Crickets Journal Article