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The Sun is a Star: Elementary Collection


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These resources are selected to help elementary grade teachers engage their students in learning about the Sun - our very own star.


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Resources in “The Sun is a Star: Elementary” Collection

Title Resource Type
Archive: Celebrating Astronomy: A Star's Story, September 25, 2008 Web Seminar Archive
Earth, Sun, and Moon Interactive E-book
Earth, Sun, and Moon: Earth's Seasons Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
NASA Imagine the Universe: The Sun (resource page)

This page contains high quality links to NASA and NASA collaborative sites with information about the Sun as a star.

Web Page
NASA Sun as a Star: Afterschool Activity Guide

Lesson plans and other resources for implementing the afterschool astronomy curriculum that also works to enhance a regular science unit or for informal educations opportunities such as as family science night.

Web Page
Our Star, the Sun: Try these everyday activities that teach elementary and middle level students about the sun Journal Article
Science Shorts: Here Comes the Sun Journal Article
StarChild: The Sun

two reading levels make this a fantastic resource for elementary students

Web Page
Universe: The Sun as a Star Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books
Windows to the Universe: The Sun

UCAR: Windows to the Universe basic information page about the Sun

Web Page