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"How Does Air Make Things Move?" NSTA Science Demonstration Collection


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This collection is to support the Daily Do, "How does air make things move?". It explores the phenomenon of wind, and how it is able to move objects.

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Resources in “"How Does Air Make Things Move?" NSTA Science Demonstration” Collection

Title Resource Type
Engaging students with the leaves phenomenon (video) Web Page
How Does Air Make Things Move? Lesson Plan
How does air make things move? (Daily Do) Web Page
Investigating Earth’s Interactions Journal Article
Leaves Blowing in the Wind (video) Web Page
Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate Interactive E-book
Pushing Paint (video) Web Page
Teaching Through Trade Books: Watching the Wind Journal Article
Working with Wind Energy

The "Working with Wind Energy" lesson explores the use of wind energy to generate or augment energy in businesses and homes worldwide. The lesson focuses on how wind energy can be generated on both a large and small scale. Students read about anemometer and site testing for wind turbines and learn about engineering design and how engineering can address society's challenges. Students ...

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