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Diversity of Life in Different Habitats Collection


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2-LS4-1 Make observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats. (Assessment Boundary: Assessment is limited to testing one variable at a time) Birds, Bugs, and Butterflies: This resource includes an animal habitat survey where teachers can lead their class outdoors and engage them in discussion of possible animal habitats. Coral Reef Ecosystems: The Living Reef: This resource discusses how the coral reef is abundant with life and how it is one of the most bio diverse ecosystems on the planet. Environments of our Earth: I Wonder Why Sample: This resource discusses the various plants animals that thrive in a desert climate. The Early Years: Animal Adventures: This resource provides information and an activity centered around children’s understanding of the relationship between the shape of an animal, its behavior, and its survival. Insect Habitat Web: This resource provides information about insect habitats and how ecosystem in


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