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I put these resources together because they have relevant information that will help to teach science effectively. I intend to use the resources in this collection as a guide when planing a lesson. This collection has resources with important information that will be beneficial for me as a teacher and learner.


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Resources in “Effective Science Teaching” Collection

Title Resource Type
BSCS 5E Instructional Model Book Chapter
Classroom Management Book Chapter
Commentary: What is Science? Journal Article
Enhancing Science Teaching by Doing MORE Journal Article
From Misconceptions to Conceptual Change Journal Article
How Do Children Know What They Know? Journal Article
How Do Students Learn Science? Book Chapter
Introduction To The NGSS Book Chapter
Is the Inquiry Real? Journal Article
Me, Teach Science? Journal Article
Method and Strategies: Supporting Ideas With Evidence Journal Article
Methods and Strategies: "Inquirize" Your Teaching Journal Article
Methods and Strategies: Being Deliberate About Concept Development Journal Article
Methods and Strategies: Concept-Focused Teaching Journal Article
Methods and Strategies: Strategy Makeover—K-W-L to T-H-C Journal Article
Models and Science Teaching Book Chapter
Never Too Young for a Concept Map Journal Article
Perspectives: Cultural Diversity in the Science Classroom Journal Article
Podcast: NGSS Crosscutting Concepts: Stability and Change Podcast
Science Sampler: How to enjoy your students while your students enjoy science Journal Article
Science Sampler: Thinking about students' questions Journal Article
Scientific Inquiry, Student Learning, and the Science Curriculum Book Chapter
Starting Class the Right Way: Starter Activities Book Chapter
Teacher’s Toolkit: Misconceptions in the science classroom Journal Article
Teaching Teachers: Using Effective Demonstrations for Motivation Journal Article
There's More to Teaching Science Journal Article
Using Concept Maps in the Science Classroom Journal Article