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1 STEM Teaching Tool 28: Qualities of Good Anchor Phenomena

This short tool, “Qualities of a Good Anchor Phenomenon for a Coherent Sequence of Science Lessons,” outlines criteria to consider when selecting an anchor phenomena or design problem to fit with the NRC Framework for K-12 Science Education vision.

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2 STEM Teaching Tools 42: Using Phenomena in NGSS-Designed Lessons and Units

By exploring phenomena, students have opportunities to apply science and engineering practices and to build their own larger scientific conceptions and identities. This tool, created in collaboration with staff at Achieve and Next Gen Science Storylines, explores the significance and nuances of using phenomena in instruction aligned with the vision in the NRC Framework and NGSS

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3 STEM Teaching Tools Brief 67

In the Framework vision for science education, students engage in active investigations to make sense of natural phenomena and analyze and build solutions to problems. Basing these investigations on justice-centered phenomena can be a powerful and rightful way to support science and engineering learning. Justice-centered investigations can open up important opportunities for students to engage in projects that support equity for communities and to see how the application of science and engineeri

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4 NextGenStorylines Tool 1 Anchoring Phenomena Routine Web Page
5 PL Session: Selecting Anchoring Phenomena for Equitable 3D teaching

This pair of workshops is designed to introduce you to the process of selecting phenomena that can anchor an entire unit that supports students’ 3D science learning or that can serve as a basis for a multi-component assessment task. This resource can also be used by individuals wanting to refine their teaching practice around phenomena based instruction.

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6 NGSS Phenomena Web Site of examples and resources Web Page