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-Daily do -1-2 science objects or ebook -2-3 Journal articles -2 Links to misconceptions (1 from Leeds, 1 from another source) -3 Lesson plan/Lesson plan ideas -1 Podcast -1 external link

General Science Elementary

Resources in “NSTA Resource Scavenger Hunt” Collection

Title Resource Type
Describing Matter Journal Article
Earth Science Erosion Unit - Day 1 Lesson Plan
Earth Science Erosion Unit - Day 2 Lesson Plan
Earth Science Erosion Unit - Day 3 Lesson Plan
Exploring Matter in Space Interactive E-book Kids
Exponential Growth and Doubling Time Journal Article
Help Me Grow Interactive E-book Kids
How Kids Learn Science Best Web Page
Journey to the Reef Journal Article
Lab Out Loud Podcast- Virtual Conference with ScIC

A virtual conference called ScIC (Science is Cool) that has attracted tens of thousands of science teachers and education professionals from around the world. Dave discusses the origins of ScIC, celebrate the success of their first three conferences, and share some of their upcoming events.

Web Page
Leeds- Misconceptions About Ecosystems Web Page
Life Cycle Misconceptions Web Page
Uncovering Parent’s and Children’s Ideas in Science Journal Article
Why Do We All Have To Stay Home?

A lesson to explain social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Web Page