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A Laboratory of Words Journal Article
A Menu of Options Journal Article
An Interactive Lecture Notebook—Twelve Ways to Improve Students’ Grades: Drawing Students’ Attention to What They need to Know in Lecture Journal Article
Bean_Science_Notebook.doc DOC File
Editor’s Note: A Foolproof Tool Journal Article
Five Good Reasons to Use Science Notebooks Journal Article
Graphically Enhanced Science Notebooks Journal Article
Guest Editorial: Making Meaning With Notebooks Journal Article
Integrating Interactive Notebooks Journal Article
Interactive_Science_Notebook_Scoring_Rubric_and_Description.docx DOCX File

Interactive Science Notebooks: Putting the Next Generation Practices into Action presentation for NSTA 2013 conference.

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Lab_Notebook_Full_Page_Format.docx DOCX File
Learning to Write and Writing to Learn in Science: Refutational Texts and Analytical Rubrics Journal Article
NSTA_2011_Virtual_Science_Notebook_pdf.pdf PDF File
Perspectives: On Writing in Science Journal Article
Project Notebook Journal Article
Reuse That Notebook! Journal Article
Sample_Notebook_Handout.pdf PDF File
Science Notebook Essentials Journal Article
Science Sampler: Using science journals to encourage all students to write Journal Article
Science_Notebook_Basics.pdf PDF File
Scientific Journals: A Creative Assessment Tool Journal Article
Student-Centered Notebooks Journal Article
Students as Storytellers Journal Article
Teaching Through Trade Books: Words to the Wild Journal Article
The Art and Science of Notebooks Journal Article
Tried and True: Using Notebooks to Aid Organization Journal Article
T'was the Start of Science Notebooking Journal Article
Using Interactive Science Notebooks for Inquiry-Based Science Journal Article