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A Teacher's Perspective: Learning a Second Language Book Chapter
A Teacher's Perspective: Programs for Teaching English Language Learners Book Chapter
Appropriate Practice for Linguistically Diverse Science Learners Book Chapter
Challenges and Solutions for ELLs Journal Article
English Language Learners in the Science Classroom Journal Article
Examining Language To Capture Scientific Understandings: The Case of the Water Cycle Journal Article
From Speaking to Writing in the Structured English Immersion Science Classroom Book Chapter
Learners, Programs, and Teaching Practices Book Chapter
Learning English, Learning Science Journal Article
Learning Together: Understanding and appreciating students' cultural backgrounds Journal Article
Methods and Strategies: Alternative Assessments for English Language Learners Journal Article
Methods and Strategies: Enhancing Science for ELLs Journal Article
Perspectives: Cultural Diversity in the Science Classroom Journal Article
Perspectives: ELLs and the Language of School Science Journal Article
Science for ELLs: Rethinking Our Approach Journal Article
Science in Any Language Journal Article
Science Sampler: Using sheltered instruction to teach English Language Learners Journal Article
Sheltered Instruction Techniques for ELLs Journal Article
Strategies for ELL Success Journal Article
Teaching English Through Science and Science Through English Book Chapter
Teaching Science to ELLs, Part II Journal Article
Teaching Science to English-as-Second-Language Learners Journal Article
Unlocking the Power of Observation: Activities to teach early learners the fundamentals of an important inquiry skill Journal Article