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Web Seminar, TSL, Keeping Phenomena at the Center of Science 5.4.22 Collection


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A collection of resources for the web seminar titled: Transforming Science Learning: Keeping Phenomena at the Center of Science.This web seminar was aired May 4, 2022.

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Resources in “Web Seminar, TSL, Keeping Phenomena at the Center of Science 5.4.22” Collection

Title Resource Type
Slides TSL 05-04-2022 Web Page
1 A Framework for K-12 Science Education (pdf) Web Page
2 STEM Teaching Tool 42 Using Phenomena in NGSS-Designed LessonsUnits PDF file Web Page
3 NSTA Playlist: How Were the Scablands Formed?

Grade 4 Science Storyline Unit (Open Educational Resource)

Web Page
4 NGSS Science and Language Shifts in a Diverse Fourth-Grade Classroom Journal Article
5 Making Everyday Phenomena Phenomenal (NSTA Journal Article) Web Page
6 Local Phenomena (NSTA Next Gen Navigator)

The three articles in this issue highlight phenomena and problems that students experience in their homes and communities. Local phenomena promote both equity and science (Lee 2020). From an equity perspective, through place-based learning, students apply science and engineering to their daily lives in local contexts of home and community.

Web Page
7 What is Sensemaking? NSTA Professional Learning Unit Web Page
8 OpenSciEd Classroom Norms Web Page