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A collection of elementary education resources.

General Science Elementary

Resources in “NSTA Scavenger Hunt Resources” Collection

Title Resource Type
2 Solar System Interactive E-book
3 Discover the NGSS Interactive E-book
4 Teaching Through Trade Books: Fascinating Fossil Finds Journal Article
5 Multiple Modes of Inquiry in Earth Science Journal Article
6 Making Everyday Phenomena Phenomenal Journal Article
7 Misconceptions about Ecosystems from Leeds Web Page
8 Misconceptions about Science- Other Source

A list of misconceptions about all different areas of science that elementary-aged kids experience.

Web Page
9 How Does Air Make Things Move? Lesson Plan
10 Habitat Awareness Lesson Plan

A lesson plan which allows students to work together to create a habitat for a specific animal after reviewing vocabulary and understanding what animals need in their habitats to survive.

Web Page
11 Why is the Water in the Glass? Lesson Plan
12 How Do We Know Something Is Alive? Lesson Plan
13 What Kind of Weather? Lesson Plan

Students observe and learn about weather types. They describe the clothing necessary for different types of weather.

Web Page
14 Natural Resources Lesson Plan

Students learn about what natural resources are, and they learn how to identify the main natural resources on Earth.

Web Page
15 Stars: Twinkling, glowing, giant balls of gas Podcast

This podcast is kid-friendly and talks all about stars in outer space!

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16 Rainbow in a Glass Science Experiment (External Link)

This experiment tells you how to make a rainbow in a glass using Skittles and hot water!

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