Case of the Rare Earth Elements - January 2021

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This collection includes all the resources I used for my Field Assignment #2. I choose a little more than 6 resources because I found them all to be very informative and a great/fun way for the students to learn through not only the inquiry lesson/experiment but through visuals, connecting prior knowledge and research. As you may see, the majority of my collection includes resources that target, the lesson I am teaching to the students- volcanoes and their functions. However, you may also notice I included articles and resources which target physical/chemical properties. I applied prior knowledge using this resource since students were previously learning about the properties. I found all the resources to be very informative and very helpful when applied to my lesson. I am officially a volcano expert!!

About the Suggested Sequence

I choose this sequence because it was an easy guide throughout the lesson.
1. Mind-on matter: Phase Changes and Physical Properties- this was just a review for the students. Although it provides great lab experiments and ideas, I only used the informative aspect of this resource.
2. Plate Tectonics: Plate Interactions- I continued the lesson by having the students hear the audio clip and write quick notes on it. I wrote some KEY words on the board as the audio went on. We then discussed how plate tectonics affect volcanoes.
I then used other resources as a guide.

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