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Saturday, December 11
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Inclusive Science Assessments: Supporting and Designing Equitable Formative Assessments to Build on Learners’ Interests and Knowledge

Los Angeles Convention Center - 408B

Learn how to integrate the cultural resources your students bring to class with your science teaching and learning. Come explore equity-based cultural formative assessments.

Takeaways: 1. Resources for instructional leaders and educators to support and create meaningful connections between classroom science concepts and the application of those ideas in everyday situations; 2. Discussion of the implementation of these tools and resources in dynamic school environments; and 3. The strategies presented in this workshop can be used with any curricula, at any grade level, and in all subjects of science and engineering.


Deb Morrison (Educator and Learning Scientist: Seattle, WA)

Saturday, December 11
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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Creating and Maintaining an Equitable Science Classroom

Los Angeles Convention Center - 408B

STEM classrooms should establish a welcoming environment in which all individuals can use their cultural knowledge and practices to make sense of the world.

Takeaways: 1. A shared understanding of equity and social justice in science classrooms and STEM communities; 2. Approaches to identify and honor student-lived experiences and cultures; and 3. Challenge conventional notions of what counts as science.


Jon Kovach (UCLA Science Project: Los Angeles, CA)