2021 Los Angeles Area Conference

December 9-11, 2021

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FILTERS APPLIED:Successful Collaborations Between Informal and Formal Educators, Engineering


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Bridging the Gap: Using Teacher Leaders to Support Informal Educators

Thursday, December 9 • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Los Angeles Convention Center - 504

STRAND: Successful Collaborations Between Informal and Formal Educators

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Want to create high-quality, NGSS-focused field trip experiences? Come learn how we brought together classroom teachers and informal educators to accomplish this goal with amazing outcomes!

Attendees will: 1. learn the steps we took to create a collaborative environment for teacher leaders to support informal educators in learning more about NGSS and the EP&Cs; 2. learn the value of bringing the expertise of informal educators and the knowledge of formal educators together in order to create high-quality, NGSS-focused field trip experiences; and 3. be given access to the agendas, handouts, and templates we used in our training/planning sessions.

Lesley Gates (Fresno County Office of Education: Fresno, CA)

Lights-Camera-CRASH: Exploring Crash Science with Griff Jones and the IIHS’s Vehicle Research Center

Friday, December 10 • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Los Angeles Convention Center - 511

STRAND: Successful Collaborations Between Informal and Formal Educators

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Use award-winning videos, paper car crashes, egg drop cushions, and behind-the-crash-tests tours to teach motion and energy concepts. All resources are free at classroom.iihs.org.

Participants will learn how: 1. to access inquiry-based activities and video-supported experiences integrating STEM concepts with vehicle crashworthiness and crash avoidance technologies; 2. scientists and engineers use technology (crash dummies, crash tests, crash avoidance testing) at a vehicle research center to measure and evaluate vehicle safety systems; and 3. to incorporate culminating STEM design challenges (Project Pedestrian Sensors and Egg-Carrying Paper Car Crash) into their curriculum to promote student awareness and understanding of how engineering and technology are used to build safer vehicles. Examples of student assessments (formative and summative) are provided.

Griff Jones (University of Florida: No City, No State)

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