2021 Portland Area Conference

October 28-30, 2021

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Spark Discovery and Invention

Friday, October 29 • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Oregon Convention Center - E145

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SPARK Discovery and Invention
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SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention
Learn more about the SPARK Museum by visiting our website.

STRAND: Successful Collaborations Between Informal and Formal Educators

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Learn more about FREE curriculum modules from the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention that promote the engagement of all students in science and engineering! Modules were co-developed in partnership with Western Washington University and the Bellingham School District.

Learn more about: 1. the world-class collection of electrical engineering artifacts, such as Edison's first light bulb and early prototype electrical devices, available to educators (including virtual collections) at the SPARK Museum; 2. abut FREE curriculum modules aligned to the NGSS that engage students in the engineering design process while learning about energy; and 3. ways that engineering can be made relevant to students from diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities.

Abby Russell (SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention: Bellingham, WA), Paola Sanchez (Western Washington University: Bellingham, WA), Bridget Dahlman-Oeth (Western Washington University: Bellingham, WA), Dan Savage (Western Washington University: Bellingham, WA), Ben Dixon (Western Washington University: Bellingham, WA)

Little Engineers

Friday, October 29 • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Oregon Convention Center - A106

STRAND: Successful Collaborations Between Informal and Formal Educators

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The National WWII Museum has developed a set of activities that connect stories from WWII to investigations that K–3 students can conduct to learn 3-D science.

1. Get access to the free Little Engineers lessons; 2. Practice one or more of the activities; and 3. Find out about teacher workshops, student webinars, and other resources from The National WWII Museum.

Rob Wallace (: Kenner, LA)

Art and Science: A Powerful Combination

Saturday, October 30 • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Oregon Convention Center - E146

STRAND: Successful Collaborations Between Informal and Formal Educators

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Learn how Mid-Columbia Ballet, LIGO, and teachers created an exciting unit combining art and science to engage students. Participants will engage in activities and discussions.

Participants will: 1. understand how multiple informal and formal educators can work together to achieve their goals; 2. be able to identify possible partners in their region; and 3. learn how informal and formal partnerships can teach content standards, crosscutting concepts, and engineering practices in a unique way.

Renee Kollman (Adams) (Mid-Columbia Ballet: Richland, WA), McKenzie Munn (Marcus Whitman Elementary School: Richland, WA), Amber Strunk (LIGO Hanford Observatory: Richland, WA)

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