NSTA Engage: Spring21

May 12-8, 2021

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Designing Your Own Online Labs

Saturday, May 8 • 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

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How to Ask for Help in Online Courses (esp. Science and Math)
A lot of students don't actually know how to ask for help. They will just send you an email saying, "I don't understand the assignment!" This brief video gives students a little bit of quick coaching on how to ask their instructors for help - what things will help them get the quickest and most helpful reply from their teachers.

STRAND: Continuing Effective Distance Learning Strategies Post-COVID

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Good data-based labs are priceless. Developing your own is hard—especially for online. Walk through the process of designing online, data-based labs.

1. Identify the differences between developing online labs and face-to-face labs; 2. Become familiar with some tools and resources available to help you design your own online, data-based labs; and 3. Be able to identify additional supports students will need in online settings.

Zack Stockbridge (Southwestern Community College: Sylva, NC)