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May 12-8, 2021

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Experience Kinematics: Using Data to Understand Motion

Thursday, April 29 • 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM

STRAND: Reimagining Assessment

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Learn what representations and data your students can use to bridge phenomena and mathematics, and how to assess kinematics understanding, as opposed to rote algebra skills.

1. Using authentic data from real, open-access journal articles to model motion; 2. Students using multiple representations to shift back and forth from pictures, graphs, and math; and 3. Assessing students' understanding through their performance using real data.

Christopher Moore (University of Nebraska Omaha: Omaha, NE)

Responsive Assessment

Saturday, May 1 • 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

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STRAND: Reimagining Assessment

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Why should all students in a class receive the same aseesment questions? Technology tools enable us to tailor assessments for each of our students.

1. One size does NOT fit all; 2. Google Forms can deliver test questions that match student achievement; and 3. Building a more inclusive classroom benefits everyone.

James Gaffey (Saint Ignatius College Prep: Chicago, IL)

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